Windows Version 1.13.1
Device to Use
Supported Devices HCVR, NVR, IPC, PTZ, NVS, EVS, NKB, VDP and etc.
Management Devices Max 256
Management Channels Max 2000
Device Management Auto find, Add, Delete, Device group, Reboot, Setup, Specify network segment
Health Report Device status, Alarm info, HDD info
Live Preview
Video Display Split 1 / 4/ 6/ 8 / 9 / 16 / 25 / 36 or customized split for all versions
64 is only available for windows version
Max Preview Screen 4
Features Snapshot, Record, Audio, Talk, Instant playback, E-PTZ, Tours, Views, Fisheye correction, IVS (Optional), Stream types, Channel zero, Adjustable aspect ratio
PTZ Control Directions, PTZ, Focus, Iris, Preset, Tour, Pattern; Joystick control
Alarm output control Support
PC_NVR 32 Channels
Record Mode Manual,Schedule(Regular,MD,Alarm),Stop
Video Source Local PC (Manual record or alarm record), Device itself, PC-NVR
Picture Source Local PC (Manual Snapshot), Device itself
Max Channels 36
Duration 24h for one search
Search Type Certain time, Motion detection, Alarm, Smart search, Call ID
Max task of Export 10 once
Features Snapshot, E-PTZ, Audio, Speed 1/8x~8x, Faster/Slower play, Synchronization playback, Fisheye Dewarp, Optional video scale
Export Export as .dav/.avi/.mp4/.asf
Alarm Signal Monitoring
Features Schedule alarms, Setup actions, Operate/Memo alarm
Alarm Type External alarm, Video loss, Motion, Tampering, Disk full or Error
Actions Trigger recording, PTZ movement, Alarm, Popup video
Number of Maps Map group : Unlimited, Sub-Map, Layout : 64
Image Format JPEG / BMP
Other Features
PC-NVR 32 channels record
Device Config Network, Encode, PTZ, Image, Event, Record, Disk, Account, Maintenance, Web
Display Remote control device’s local splits
Account User and role management; privileges according to module & device.
Log Client log, Remote device log, Operation log, System log, Alarm log
System and OS
System requirement CPU: Inteil Core i3 or above;
Memory: 2G or above; HDD 80G or above
OS Window XP or above
Display resolution 1024 x 768 or above(for advance)
Performance is highly dependent on PC capacity, and the recommended configuration is just for reference.

The version is only for English.

Project Name         SmartPSS
Version                   V1.14.2
Base Platform          V1.14.1
Operation Platform   Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10(32/64 bit)

What is new?
1.Support intelligent unified program (NVR/IPC/SD), including intelligent alarm and configuration.
2.Support new fingerprint acquisition devices.

What has been changed?
1.The design of access control has been improved, supporting the export of fingerprint information.

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